Commonhouse Design
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 14:32:08 -0500
JfKalin asked: What can we do as a network of savvy cohousers to help =
each other do great  common house designs?

I have compiled 20 pages of postings from Cohousing-l on the topic of =
commonhouses, separated into sections by area such as kitchen, kids =
rooms, general design, etc.  Lots of pretty good experiences have been =
shared here.  What would be a gold mine is for groups to share their =
programming docs for the commonhouse.=20

The material I have organized I will eventually send off to Stuart, who =
is the current keeper of the Cohousing web site to add to the web site.  =
Until then, or in addition to that, if you want 20 pages of commonhouse =
design stuff from the net, send me 4 stamps and I will send it to you. =20

If you want to share out your commonhouse programming docs I would be =
willing to collect  paper copies for distribution at cost via self =
addressed stamped enevelope requests.   I do not have the time to turn =
paper documents into electronic copy  for the website, but I bet there =
might be someone who would.

Rob Sandelin
22020 East Lost Lake rd
Snohomish, WA  98290

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