Cohousing in the city
From: Nitsan Vardi (
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 02:23:31 -0500
Thanks to all those who replied to my provocative question. Yes, I let my
own preferences shine through - luckily the are not shared by all
cohousers. I certainly do hope that cohousing will emerge as an
alternative housing form within cities - where its impact will be far
greater than our 'luxury' communities in the suburbs or the country. 

Nitsan Vardi 
Saettedammen, Denmark
On Mon, 23 Oct 1995 THESHLIFE [at] wrote:

> ...
> I have to disagree with one aspect of the comments, cohousing in the city.
> I feel that community in the city would be fantastic.  Cohousing would help
> cities to re-form into the vital communities they once were.  The concept of
> "The New Urbanism" and its view of 'infill' would be perfect spots for
> cohousing.
> The urban sprawl is a serious crisis.  Infill of cohousing is one thing that
> could aid its reversal.
> Get "The New Urbanism" by Peter Katz.
> Gary
> Southernmost/Formally Broward Commons

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