Re: Let's find intrinsic fun in developing CoHo
From: Cbwhy (
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:09:05 -0500
On Oct. 18 Joani Blank discussed that we need to find a way to market the
process of building cohousing. I couldn't agree more! As with so many things
in our culture, its the 'thing' we yearn for, not the process of yearning.I
wonder if cohousing can even appeal to non-process oriented people? Does
anyone out there find their community attracting people other than those
actively on the path of growth? Those are the people who will get the value
of getting it built. Maybe only those people are the one's predisposed to
being able to accomplish a task as formidable as building cohousing. Does
this sound like resignation to you (it does to me). As for whether there is
intrinsic fun in the process? At this point it hasn't outweighed the
intrinsic work. This probably means my group needs to have more fun.

Corey Yugler
Broward Commons
(Not changed to southern Most yet- in fact- we are looking for a new name and
taking all suggestions)

>>>Up until now we have only marketed the final
>product, living in bliss in cohousing once it is built. Although >we talk
about how valuable (community-building) the >getting-it-built >process is, in
the end, many cohousers end >up, I fear, treating the development and
>building of their communities as "the price you have to pay to >live here."
Period. We simply have to find a way (IMHO) to >market  cohousing that values
the building process itself, >making it fun--or at least >mind-expanding or
>engaging--so that people will be attracted to being part of a >community
during the development and building EVEN IF by >some chance,  they were to
end up not living there

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