Re: Early Years
From: Buzz & Denise (
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 23:50:58 -0500
"Philadelphia seems like a 
particularly difficult "market" for cohousing, for a number of reasons."

Actually, the entire planet is a difficult market for cohousing, for a number of
reasons.  In areas where there is evolved social consciousness, there is great
interest but property values are high or regulations restrictive.  Where land is
cheap, few people care about cohousing.  And so on.  

My observation is that "it happens" under two conditions:  1. A few people are
quite determined, and spend far more time and money than is practically
justified (thus the apt term "Burning Soul").  2. They adapt whatever rules and
proceedures they think there are to thier own situation;  they do what is
neccessary to make it work. 

Buzz Burrell
72253.2101 [at]

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