Re: Seniors in Cohousing?
From: Diane Simpson (
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:28:45 -0600
>Is there anyone here who can speak to the representation of
>seniors in U.S. cohousing communities. Are there many resident
>seniors? The cohousing concept seems to have much to offer
>seniors -- as it does all of us -- but is there any evidence that
>they are attracted to it?
>Thanks for considering this.
>Mark Harris

I can't speak for the percentage of seniors in cohousing in general, but
evidently there are enough of them that U.S. News & World Report saw fit to
publish an article about them in it's June 12 issue. It's entitled
"Feathering a Shared Nest" and the article talks about "How three groups of
seniors created their own alternative lifestyles." Cohousing is one of
three types of shared living arrangements talked about in the article.

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