Re: posting flyers
From: David G Adams (
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 22:10:57 -0600
>    I'll be working with the "flyer brigade" for Eno Commons in Durham, N.C
> I've been putting flyers up in health food stores, libraries and a book
> store or two. I plan to go over to the Y and see if they have a community
> bulletin board. Any other suggestions?  Thanks
>    Leah
We actually hired a service to drop a few in each of over 100 places once 
per month.  It generated a pretty steady stream of prospects.  Convenience 
stores, laundromats, libraries, new age bookstores, schools, local newspaper 
real estate ads, put 'em up at work, talk to your neighbors!

Not thinking about outreach,

Dave Adams
coho window shopping
Arlington MA


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