Fliers, etc.
From: MartyR707 (MartyR707aol.com)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 00:21:54 -0600
<<I'll be working with the "flyer brigade" for Eno Commons in Durham, N.C.
I've been putting flyers up in health food stores, libraries and a book
store or two. I plan to go over to the Y and see if they have a community
bulletin board. Any other suggestions?  Thanks>>

Put them everywhere!!  We want diversity in cohousing right?  Child care
centers, colleges, grocery stores, health clubs, senior centers, cafes,
anywhere you find a posting board.  Also try newspaper ads, classifieds,
radio interviews, newsletter announcements (*other* groups' newsletters),
press releases, etc.

Marty Roberts
PR chair for Jewell Hill Coho - Still looking for land : (    
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