singles are people too
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 15:19:27 -0600
In response to the recent post:

<<Cambridge cohousing has just found a site, and they have a fair number of
people.  They apparently suffer from the abundance of older singles as well,
and they are searching hard for young families.>>

I'm slightly sensitive to the term "*suffer* from the abundance of older
singles".  As a 50 yr. old single woman, I guess I qualify for that category
(altho I have difficulty thinking of myself as "older").  I understand the
desire to have children and young families as a part of the group (I love the
kids in our community and hope we find more.), but many of the "older
singles" and childless couples are doing a hell of alot of the work that
needs doing (including occasional childcare!)

So, hope this doesn't sound too defensive, but let's value all ages and
marital statuses please!!

Marty in Santa Rosa
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