Re: Coho house for rent
From: David G Adams (
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 11:01:11 -0600
> Dec 15 - May 10  1995
> in a thriving cohousing community:
> The Commons on the Alameda
> @ cathedral ceilings, vegas
> @ firplaces, steam bath
> @ 2000 square feet, 3 baths
> @ spacious guest wing
> @ landscaped garden
> @ waterfall-pond
> @ reverse osmosis water filter
> @ exquisitely furnished
Now, I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions, but this really bugged me, and I 
wanted to see if I'm just being hypersensitive.

The only references I've ever seen to "the Commons on the Alameda" are ads 
in Cohousing Magazine, which strongly emphasize the personal luxury of the 
units, with minor mention of common facilities, and no mention at all of 
community life or the group's vision.  Now this ad above does not even 
mention common facilities.  I hope I'm mistaken, and I apologize to y'all 
out there on the Alameda if I am, but this sounds indistinguishable from any 
luxury gated development.

Is this "base level" cohousing?  If so, maybe I should be looking for 
something different.

Dave Adams
Searching for Super Fudge Chunk cohousing
Arlington, MA


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