Re: Manufactured housing
From: Buzz & Denise (
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 22:00:31 -0600
As others have said, I also feel that Cohousing is a function of the social web
and not of the buildings, which can only contribute to the creation of
community, not do it themselves.  So manufactured housing, or any type of
construction, would not be any advantage or disadvantage.

That having been said, I feel that manufactured housing is great.  Is has a bad
reputation (which of course, is one reason I like it so much) so almost nobody
considers it.

If you think about it, there are few reasons why houses should be constructed
little piece by itsy little piece by barely trained people working under
unpredictable conditions.  Cars and virtually everything else are built by
people trained in their particular jobs, using special tools, in replicable
conditions, 52 weeks per year, and then delivered to the owner.  It makes total
sense housing should be done the same way.

At least housing as its currently being built.  The vast majority of stick built
houses are basically mass produced anyway, just on-site under less than ideal
conditions.  An earth based construction method does makes sense to be done
custom-style, on-site.

Call the National Manufactured Housing Association.  Although you may not know
it, there are many dealers where you live selling these houses;  call them up!

Buzz Burrell
72253.2101 [at]

Who just today finished drying in (weatherproof exterior) a new adobe house.

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