More on Santa Fe rentals
From: OldSol (
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 06:39:52 -0600
Thanks to Dave Adams for asking for more details about temporary
accomodations in The Commons On The Alameda, a cohousing community
established in 1990.  I had assumed that, because of its successful history,
The Commons was well known nationally.  

All but one of its 28 lots have been occupied and the group is thriving.  The
primary purpose of The Commons is to live in quality housing with a high
level of neighborhood cooperation and ecological responsiblity.  Design of
the houses and landscaping were based on historic Santa Fe compounds and C
Alexander's "Pattern Language."  

The common house has dining facilities, where residents share dinners 2 or 3
times per week.  There are also lounge, children's room and three guest rooms
available for visitors. A bike trail is planned along the Santa Fe river
which will allow non-motorized access to the plaza, two miles distant.  

Rentals are available from 25 November to 15 May 1996

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