Manufactured housing-foam core
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 12:01:38 -0600
Debbie Behrens wrote:
<<I also remember hearing, several years ago about a Japanese factory that 
built homes.  The purchasers could go to the factory or a sales room 
somewhere, and pick their designs with options and whatever mods they 
wanted off a computer that I think could do 3-D displays of the results, 
and provide the changed pricing on the spot.  I think all the pieces were 
built in the factory, trucked to the site, and just assembled.>>

I, too, am very interested in knowing more about manufactured housing,
especially foam core walls, roofs, etc.  A neighbor who works in energy
planning loaned me a video tape on foam core building pAnels.  They seem to
have * a lot* of benefits:
Insulation - they are virtually air tight, no leaks or holes anywhere. Hi R
value and no air movement inside walls.
Don't use trees!!!!
Can be pre-cut and assembled on site cutting construction time to one third!
Environmental studies show they contain no CFC'c, HCFC'c or formaldehyde.
They are landfill safe and recyclable.
Contains a natural mineral to resist insects
Inert and highly stable.

I think it is a highly exciting and environmental concept, but am having
trouble getting my community interested.  Has anyone out there built anything
with these panels?  or know of anyone who has?  Or have any info or opinions
on them?

Marty Roberts, Santa Rosa (Jewell HIll LLC)

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