Common Work Spaces Update
From: Dan Suchman (
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 17:05:11 -0600
This post is in response to Laura Johnson's request for examples of common
workspaces integrated into cohousing:

DOYLE STREET (Emeryville, CA):  During my recent visit to Doyle Street cohousing
I admired their generous work space located next to the Common House dining
room.  The room contains everyone's bicycles, a large work table, wine cabinet
and is surround by shelving on which residents leave everything from tools to
ice chests and camping gear which they are willing to share with others.     

WINSLOW (Bainbridge Island, WA):  Several neighbors in my own community at
Winslow recently pooled their money to buy land adjacent to the cohousing
property.  The land includes an old, run-down house (which may be converted to
offices) and a large shed (which the owners are in the process to converting
into a workshop).  I am not a part of the investor group, but it is my
understanding that they intend to create a "shop user's group" (comprised of
cohousing residents, and perhaps others?) to whom the shop will be available in
exchange for some sort of fee that will be used to offset the costs of
operations and carrying the land.  I suspect that the group will do something
similar with the house, should it be converted to offices.

I would appreciate your summarizing and posting to cohousing-l the results of
your inquiries. One group's creative use of such space may inspire another.
Thank you in advance for your work.

Dan Suchman
Winslow Cohousing
Bainbridge Island, WA

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