Foam core structural bldg panels
From: MartyR707 (
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 21:25:36 -0600
Thanks for the comments, opinions, etc in response to my questions about foam
core bldg panels.  I have a number of technical documents that seem to
dispute some of the fears I have seen here.  If by outgassing, you are
referring to formaldehyde, these studies claim there is less form. emission
than in normal atmospheric conditions and below levels set by HUD.  They also
claim EPS is clean for burning as waste and is non-toxic when burned.

Regarding energy savings that were mentioned, this particular company
(R-Control, which has built in Japan) claims a home built with their product
will save enough energy to save 2-3 tons of CO2 emissions/yr. into our
atmosphere compared to a wood stick house.  Over a 30 yr. life, it will save
60-90 tons of co2 into the atmosphere.

They also claim to be virtually earthquake proof (very important to us here
in Calif.) and show pictures of panel homes in Kobe Japan still standing
while surrounded by devastation.

There's lots more, I'm not giving up yet.  (I'm sending a copy of this to our
architect hoping for a response.)
Marty Roberts, Jewell Hill LLC

P.S. I'd still love to hear from someone who's actually built or seen one of
these homes.

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