RE: Foam core structural bldg panels
From: Mark Frauenglass (WORKGROUP/MAILDATA/
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 1995 10:01:36 -0600
>Marty Roberts, Jewell Hill LLC
>P.S. I'd still love to hear from someone who's actually built or seen one
>these homes.

Foam core panels go up quickly and can be done easily by do-it-yourselfers.
 Harry, we haven't heard your thoughts on panelized building, where are you?
The floor and roof systems can be integrated as well.  It's really neat when
the whole roof arrives in a dozen 30' long panels and you set it and dry
sheet the whole thing in an afternoon.

Electrical is a piece of cake - the panels I've experienced come with
built-in raceways.
Two or three stories are no problem, as well as incorporation of unique
architectural features eg. long solar shading overhangs or round windows or
vaulted spaces.

Stucco the outside with a synthetic maintenance free stucco system and spend
your money on nice thermal mass INSIDE like mossrock veneer or recycled
brick or stone flooring.

Panelized systems are now popular enough that they are manufactured
regionally - check with your local lumber store.  No need to ship

Mark Frauenglass
Highline Crossing - conventionally framed 6" exterior walls, couldn't afford
spray in cellulose,
floors and roofs out of TJI's.  Within our lifetimes all studs will be
manufactured and dimensional lumber will be a thing of the past.

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