Breaking out of bondage
From: John Gear (
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 1995 23:42:56 -0600
Since we seem to be veering back into yuppie bondage mode (the agony of
financing, the tension of choosing building materials, the exquisite pain of
balancing first costs vs. long term energy savings) I thought I'd share that
I'm reading a *Great* book called "The Great Good Place" (by Ray Oldenburg)
on "Cafes, coffee shops, community centers, beauty parlors, general stores,
bars, hangouts and how they get you through the day."

It's *all* about what I hope cohousing can help make more possible in the
US.  Anyone else read this?  Does any of this transpire in your coho community?

(1989, Paragon House, ISBN 1-55778-110-9

(and Dewey 307.0973 ... where a lot of good books on community and planning are)
John Gear (catalyst [at]

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