Stryofoam Buildings
From: Collaborative Housing Society (
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 09:15:35 -0600
I am not familiar with panelized foam core, but the foam form systems I
described earlier (AAB=polystyrene 4'x1' blocks, stacked like bricks, then
cement poured in the 6" space in the middle;  Royal Homes uses pvc blocks
that act as the form, and are left in place to seal the walls) can look like
anything you want them too.  After construction is finished and the
sheathing of your choice is applied, they look just like any other home out
there.  The sheathing certainly has a protective function, but is almost
more a "decorative" addition, since styrofoam blue (AAB) or shiny baby-puke
brown (Royal) houses do not tend to have the curb-appeal most people are
looking for.

I have seen houses of both types, and even though these were built to entice
the standard single-family detached market, I see no construction or
structural reasons to believe that they couldn't be shaped to any
configuration you like.  I suspect that the foam core panels others have
been writing about would adapt as well - and would also have a strong
attraction to build-it-yourself types.

I still think I'll go for straw, myself. . .

Russell Mawby
cohosoc [at]

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