RE: flash water heaters
From: Mark Frauenglass (WORKGROUP/MAILDATA/
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 15:07:29 -0600
>Dan Everett asked about
>... "flash" water
>heaters? These heat the water on an as-needed basis rather than storing it
>in a tank. I believe they are common in Europe but I have not seen them in
>the US. Does anyone know if they can meet US building codes?

 Yes they meet code here and I have seen many of them.  They work well with
a solar water pre-heater, such as the simple breadbox type.  You can
probably find one at your local plumbing supply store - also known as
'in-line water heaters'.  Their only problem is capacity.  If you want to
run the dishwasher, kitchen sink and shower at the same time you will only
get cold water.  For simultaneous use of several hot water devices you need
a storage tank (conventional water heater or solar system high temperature
storage) or one in-line heater for each use area.

Mark Frauenglass

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