coho-l and germane/interesting topics
From: 'Judith Wisdom (
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 08:26:54 -0600
Joani Blank's response to Tony R. was I thought very much in the spirit 
of many interested in coho, since I thought that in addition to 
increasing one's own well-being (why else would you do it?) coho is about 
doing things that increase other's as well; i.e.,  Armani clothes AND some 
people who are terrific and bright and lively and kind who may not aspire 
to or can afford Armani (but who would/could easily like and would welcome 
clothed people, who are kind and coho-spirited, as coho neigbhors).  

I think it a pity that talk of this issue (primarily finding ways to make 
units affordable to some for whom it is not) has gotten tangled up in the 
oft-stultifying language of academic and old left/new left Marxist 

But while I dislike that language, I do hope the sentiment of Legal All - 
about sticking to practical matters doesn't mean exclusion of some talk 
of how to achieve diversity and affordability. 

Judith Wisdom 
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