Another reply to SCOWLEY
From: Steve Farley (
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:01:21 -0600
Scott Cowley wrote,on this list,

>In all sincerity, Tony,  you should have your selfish and ignorant ass
>kicked.  Stay the hell away from my community.

In all sincerity, Scott, I don't believe you will have any problems
keeping people away from your "community". I personally can't imagine
anyone interested in real community wanting to live anywhere near anyone
with your bitter and brutal attitude towards just about anyone you may
disagree with.

The rest of us are in this to find common ground with people of varying
opinions and backgrounds, and find ways to work things out in mutually
beneficial ways. I am certainly not interested in hammering my neighbors
with personal insults and Stalinist dogma.

Even if you can't seem to restrain from personally insulting and
humiliating others in a public forum, I hope you understand that even
those of us who may once have found your comments interesting no longer
take you seriously.

=46or those of you new to this list who believe that Scott Cowley's behavior
is common to this list, or even common to Cohousing, I apologize for his
behavior, because it is apparent that he won't. Please keep listening, and
you will find that the rest of us are interested in actually helping to
encourage community.

Steve Farley
sfarley [at]

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