Practical AND Philosophical
From: Mmariner (
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:52:08 -0600
Mark Q. Maxham wrote:

"I would prefer that COHOUSING-L stick to practical matters. If you want
to argue Marxism or whatever, somebody can start COHOUSING-POLITICS-L

Mark, I can get in that same frame of mind (specialize - focus only on what
you want to focus on)--but from the other angle--I'm more interested in the
overview or the philosophical, though, I confess, not much on Marxism.


-  There is usually more of a mix of ideology and pragmatic stuff on
cohousing-L.  Lately, it has been a bit obsessively ideological.  So, put out
some practical questions/issues  and the content will change.

-  Living in communities is about getting less specialized -- more holistic
in our approach to living.  Healthy communities should be made up of thinkers
and doers and feelers and leaders and helpers and peacemakers and dreamers.
  When we complement each other, each aspect of the whole gets taken care of.
 You engineer the common house while she checks into legalities while he
tests the garden soil while he plans for the children while she thinks about
where this is all leading in 10 or 20 years, while she is concerned about
having fewer dogs and more cats.

-  Cohousing is very dynamic right now -- it's adapting to a huge variety of
factors and participants.  For it to flourish, it needs to be adaptive on all
levels -- from the most pragmatic to the most ideological.

Though most of us would like to streamline things and concentrate on what we
love most, cohousing-L is like attending a virtual (interminable!) community
meeting where everything is discussed.  You might space out during parts that
don't interest us, then get wide awake and take an assertive role when our
topic comes up.

I vote we keep the list subject matter focused on cohousing, but all aspects
of it.  Just keep honing your ability to scan past what you're not interested

Mike M

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