Employ laid-off folks on site?
From: Mmariner (Mmarineraol.com)
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 02:21:21 -0600
A large company near Boulder just laid off a thousand folks, so a question
occured to me:

Have any existing cohousing sites had a situation occur where a homeowner was
laid off and had trouble finding employment for awhile?  If so, did the group
make any attempts to utilize that person's skills (and employ them) within
the community.  Did other residents find ways to help them?

Or, suppose that laid off person wanted to make a career change anyway.  What
if the cohousing group were to help that person start a business on site or
off?  What if that person had a passion for gardening and wanted to cultivate
a couple acres?  Would your community support that?

Do any groups maintain a "fund" that could help people make payments when
events happen that make paying the mortgage difficult or impossible?  I would
think this would be a good preventive measure, especially in localities where
a great many people work for one (or a few) employers. 

I'm not trying to be a "doom-and-gloom" pessimist, but I feel we all should
be prepared.  Ya never know...  And, just cuz you work for Microsoft (or some
other industry leader), don't think you're immune - remember what happened to
IBM, Wang, DEC, etc.!  (Couldn't resist that little poke, Rob.)

Mike M
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