Profiles again, yay!
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 03:24:54 -0600
So glad to see that MaryAnn Swain has started up the profiles offerings
again. I too, would like to see the compilation that Rob Sandelin put
together of all the profiles submitted up until ___?date. Then the relative
newcomers could "meet" us verterans and perhaps be inspired to introduce
themselves to the list by doing their own. To me the form is not so
important as that you give us your name, age, occupation, part of the
country you hail from, and a short description of your household; also
please tell usl us what your connection with CoHousing is and anything else
you think we'd like to know about your. 

Joani Blank,

jeblank [at]  lives at Doyle Street CoHousing Inear SF, California),
and is a full member of the Old Oakland group planning to build nineteen
units(and a common house) in a very urban mixed use block inside a historic
marketplace building. Yes, we're actively recruiting! Move-in time about 2
years from-now.


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