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Date: Thu, 21 Dec 1995 10:09:33 -0600
stanifor [at] wrote:

> P.S.  After my second beer tonight, I had a brainwave.  What about a maili=
> list called consensus-l?  The idea would be a support and discussion group
> for people working with consensus process.  The hope would be to
> cross-fertilize ideas between cohousing, intentional communities, quakers,
> non-profits, and businesses - any person or situation that is involved in
> consensus decision-making.  We could all talk process endlessly.  Let me
> know what you think - if enough people like the idea, maybe I'll have the
> energy to do something about it.

Actually, Stuart, there is already an entire network in existence called
ConflictNet which deals with many of these things all the time. It is a
part of IGC, which also runs my provider, EcoNet. I personally don't know
that much about ConflictNet, but they do have a web page at
if you want to check it out...

If that isn't specific enough for you, talk to them; I'm sure they'd be
way into starting a consensus conference if they don't already have one.

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