tax resisters in cohousing
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Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:17:13 -0600
i'm delurking after several months.  my name is heidi, & i'm a 32 year 
old acupuncturist/musician.  i currently live in cooperative housing in 
seattle.  i'm interested in living in cohousing, and i'm curious if 
anyone on this list is a tax-resister, or if you know anyone in cohousing 
who is a tax-resister.  i'm interested particularly in the ownership issue.

for those unfamiliar with tax resistance, it is a political/moral choice 
to withold part of, or all of one's federal income tax, as a protest 
against government spending on war.  for most, it is an act of 
conscience.  tax resisters sometimes have their property seized, if they 
own anything, and if the i.r.s. has determined that they are in debt.  
the obvious solution is not to own anything.  the question is, how can 
one live in cohousing without "owning" property that can be seized?

any information would be appreciated.
peace, & happy holy-day of your choice.

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