Homeowner fee survey ?
From: Rodchamp (Rodchampaol.com)
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:22:57 -0600
I am a member of Highline Crossing in Littleton, Colorado.  We are trying to
our homeowner's budget for 1996 and we would be interested in knowing what
monthly fees run in other communities.  We realize that fees may vary widely
depending on 
the configuration of the community, but gathering some data would be a

If your community has a financial structure that includes a homeowner's fee
to fund 
common expenses (common house, landscape maintenance, structural insurance,
etc) and you are willing to take the time, please send me a response with as
much detail as you are willing to include.  

If I get sufficient response, I will publish a summary on cohousing-l.

To start this off, here is some info on our proposed budget for 1996 (numbers
are an average $/month per homeowner):

  Common facilities enhancements                           $35/mo
   (furniture for common house, and enhancements
    to outdoor common areas)
  Common house utilities,supplies & maintenance       12
  Landscape maintenance & snow removal                  30
  Building & liability insurance (not contents)               23
  Other utilities services (water/trash/etc)                    23

                                            Total                       $

Community size:  Currently 23 families, growing to 36 by the end of 1996.

Another question of interest is if your homeowner's fee is equal for all
members or does it vary?  (Highline Crossing fees are variable depending on
size of residence, size of household, etc).

Thanks to anyone who shares this information with us!

Rod Champney
Highline Crossing
rodchamp [at] aol.com

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