Feng Shui, Deep Ecology, Permaculture & Cohousing
From: William Thornton (William_ThorntonBayNetworks.COM)
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:32:08 -0600
I am interested in eclectic approaches to Cohousing that aim toward
integration with the local ecology (Permaculture), provide opportunities for
realizing our interconnection with all living things (Deep Ecology), and take
into account the flow of energy within buildings and people (Feng Shui).  

I feel like a community should take a strong ideological position that
happiness is achieved through spiritual,  creative and social pursuits rather
than through consumerism. My wife and I have a four month old son and we are
ready to go anywhere in the world to find a place where we can feel connected
to nature, other people, and the larger society.  Any one have any

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