RE: Cohousing stories
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 11:20:07 -0600
Here is a typical, if rather mundane cohousing story which is illustrative 
of the cohousing way of life.

Over the holidays we had several visitors and since the weather was 
unusually nice (not raining!) the kids were all playing outside.  At one 
point the kids were not visable and one of our visitors asked where my kids 
were. I shrugged and commented that I didn't know, they were probably at 
someones house.  She got this amazed look on her face and said something to 
the effect: " You just let you kids go into whomevers house they like?" And 
I said sure, why not? There are no strangers here other than you.  A few 
minutes later the kids all migrated over to my house and went into the 
basement and continued whatever game they were doing and again my visitor 
"Don't people knock on doors before coming in?"  I explained as best I could 
that there was an unwritten, but well respected code of conduct, where some 
houses you just came in, others you knocked and then went in, and others you 
knocked and waited for a response.  My four year old, who had come into the 
room then added: " And at Stephana house when you clean up the toys you get 
a gummie!"  My four year old then explained, as only a four year old can, 
which houses had toys, where the cookies where in each house, and what toys 
she liked best at each of her friends houses.

My visitors amazement at my daughters knowlege of the inside of all the 
neighbors homes made me aware what an amazing difference our neighborhood 
offers. I just take it for granted sometimes, forgetting how "unnormal" our 
lifestyle really is.  

Rob Sandelin

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