Re: renting before sale
From: Cindy Hale (
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 1995 14:14:51 -0600
My brother is interested in talking to someone about this.  I gave him the 
last posting that Mike put out and he said he would be contacting you for 
more info.  but if you want to try him as well I'm sure he would not mind 
the contact.  Tell him his sister Cindy told you to call him. 

His name is Will Hale, 458-3445.
He is a struggling musician so I am not sure where he is at finanially but 
he really likes the cohousing idea and would love to be a part of a 
community along those lines.  He does a lot of work with children so amybe 
there is a connection there that can be explored.  

Good Luck and nice to know that we have a Minnesota group getting off the 
Cindy Hale
Duluth, MN

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