Calling all Unitarian/Universalists in CoHo Land
From: Joani Blank (
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 00:58:02 -0600
Last year at General Assembly, I came up with the idea of offering a session
at the '96 about cohousing (of course). GA will be held in Indianapolis in
June this year for the less denominationally aware. I talked it over briefly
with Mark Belletini, the minister of the Starr King UU Church, Hayward, CA
(and chair of the commision that worked long and hard putting the new
hymnbook together). He is very interested in cohousing and joined me here
(Doyle St.) for a common dinner early some months ago.  Mark and I agreed
that the most logical sponsor for such a session--you have to have an
official sponsor--would be the UUJEC, UUs for a Just Economic Community, a
UUA affiliate. I receive the UUJEC newsletter, but haven't really paid much
attention to it, and I have done nothing about proposing a cohousing
presentation. Does any UU out there want to get in touch to see if might
make a proposal for a panel of some sort? 

We UUs are not exclusive types, now, but you will probably want to reply
directly to me at jeblank [at] if this interests you. 

Thanks, Joani Blank


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