CoHousing Stories
From: Zpaiss (
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 10:19:34 -0600
This is a Bandwagon I am happy to Jump On!!!

On Christmas day here at Nyland a progressive dinner was planned among 12
households.  Since we are so big a trend is evolving to do activities with
smaller subsets to keep things manageable.

A four course meal was setup where 3 housholds would make appitizers, 3 make
soup or salad, 3 make a main dish and 3 make dessery.  On the hour (3, 4 and
5pm) each of the three courses were at different homes with a different set
of people.  It was great to see people walking around the neighborhood on
their way to the different homes.  Dessert was held in the common house where
all 12 families gathered together to eat an outragious assortment of goodies
(needless to say hunger was no longer a motivating force) and then settle
down together and watch "It's a wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart".  I can
easily imagine this becoming an annual ritual here at Nyland.


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