Re: Unitarian/Universalists in CoHo Land
From: Shava Nerad (
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 13:33:44 -0600
> Bob Alberti asked:
> What is the history of Unitarian-Universalism in Cohousing?  Are UU's 
> overrepresented in cohousing communities (considering their 
> vanishingly small numbers in the world at large)?  Does UU-cohousing 
> cross over the line into an "intentional community"?

Erisian Fields Cohousing (embryonic, possibly in cryonic suspension at
this point...;) has a good slice of UUs and Friends amongst our neopagan
and neopagan-friendly contingent.  We are intentional, up front, eclectic
in our spirituality but based out of it.  Sounds like a bunch of UU 
Pagans to me...;)

Shava Nerad
founding secretary of CUUPs, for those who know what that is...;)
shava [at]

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