Re: Calling all Unitarian/Universalists in CoHo Land
From: Shava Nerad (
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 13:37:48 -0600
> What is the history of Unitarian-Universalism in Cohousing?  Are UU's 
> overrepresented in cohousing communities (considering their 
> vanishingly small numbers in the world at large)?  Does UU-cohousing 
> cross over the line into an "intentional community"?

Oh, yeah!  And I forgot to mention the intentional community (well pre-
COHOUSING) that included Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, etc. in 
the 1830's -- one of the most famous intentional community experiments
of the 1800's (Hull House, was it?) that included a majority of Unitarians,
and a totality of Transcendentalists (a largely Unitarian movement).

Sorry, not cohousing, but I like to think of cohousing being somewhat
intentional -- otherwise how could we work together to do something without
much social support, and put so much into it?  But then, I sort of 
believe that "intentional community" is an oxymoron these days -- no one
has to have an unintentional community anymore, most places in this
country.  We're on our own...


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