Re: Planbook
From: Todd Samusson (
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 12:23:38 -0600
>        The Community Eco-design Network in Minneapolis has just
>published the "Strawbale Construction Planbook of Easy to Build Homes"
>and it is available for purchase.  This Planbook has 10 house designs in
>it as well as a cohousing common house design and 4 design details
>utilizing strawbales in construction.  We also talk about our ideas for a
>building cooperative in the introduction.
>        Please send me a private email if you want ordering information.

Hi Eric,

I was your roommate at the CoHousing Conference. Congratulations on the
straw bale book. I'd be very interested in getting ordering info from you.


Todd Samusson
toddsamu [at]

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