Parents and kids in cohousing (Paula Manley)
From: Greg Bamford (
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 03:32:42 -0600
Paula Manley (30/12/95) asked about the benefits for kids growing up in
cohousing, and some of the differences parents experience who move to

I can't speak as someone who lives in cohousing but only as a guest.  Early
last year ('95), I spent two months on study leave in Denmark and The
Netherlands doing research on children in cohousing with such questions in
mind (as well as looking at cohousing for the elderly).  It was my second
visit to these countries looking at cohousing.

Amongst other things, I did about 50 interviews this time with parents,
young adults and teenagers in cohousing (principally with the latter two).
I don't have anything to show for this work yet (apart from a box of tapes,
notes, slides and drawings!), and it was only scratching the surface, but I
will be writing it up in stages over the next 9 months.

For the majority of kids (in my small sample) the experience has been at
least positive, and for many it was clearly one of the best things about
their childhood.  Will keep you posted when I can contribute some more.

Greg Bamford
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The University of Queensland
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