Re: value system
From: MelaSilva (
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 09:29:30 -0600
>Rob Sandelin writes:
>> Since most cohousing has kind of a weak value system, if any, it will be
interesting to watch cohousing over the next 20 years to see if the "sense of
community" within the developments is maintained.<

   Perhaps the way we conduct our meetings will be a real value that we pass
on to whoever passes through our communities.Using a facilitator so that
someone is watching the overall process; a name taker so that everyone gets a
chance to speak without waving hands to catch the attention of the speaker; a
time keeper and very clear agreements on the length of each segment of the
meeting to keep us moving; providing childcare to ensure that all members can
attend; breaking down into small group discussions so that ALL voices can be
heard. Those of us who have to attend "regular meetings" can barely stand the
inefficiancy,and many of our members are teaching their organizations how to
use this method. After all, if we really do intend to live in a more peaceful
world, we shall have to attend more meetings!!! So it behooves us to master
these skills... 

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