The value(s) of cohousing
From: Rob Sandelin (Exchange) (
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 17:32:48 -0600
In my posting I referred to value to mean " a belief system".  In Malanies
posting she seems to be using value to mean " Benefit".   I concur that many
other organizations have and will benefit from cohousings group process
One small example I keep seeing over and over again is that cohousers tend
to get pushed into leadership positions in many organizations they join
because they demonstrate an understanding of good meeting process. In poorly
run meetings I tend to "ghost facilitate" by asking people to stay on track,
reviewing points, keeping order, and assigning tasks .  I simply can't sit
through poorly run meetings.  I like to think my efforts are benefical.
Cohousing directly models the "value" of cooperation, a theme I express at
almost any opportunity to speak about cohousing.  Working with others on a
common endeavor, taking everyones interest into account, can become a belief
system in itself.  
If cooperation is indeed a "core value", e.g. a belief system that is
central to the sucess of cohousing, are there others?  How about
egalitarian? (Notice I did not say "equality").  
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>    >Rob Sandelin writes:
>    >> Since most cohousing has kind of a weak value system, if any, it
>    will be
>    interesting to watch cohousing over the next 20 years to see if the
>    "sense of
>    community" within the developments is maintained.<
>       Perhaps the way we conduct our meetings will be a real value that we
>    pass
>    on to whoever passes through our communities.Using a facilitator so
>    that
>    someone is watching the overall process; a name taker so that everyone
>    gets a
>    chance to speak without waving hands to catch the attention of the
>    speaker; a
>    time keeper and very clear agreements on the length of each segment of
>    the
>    meeting to keep us moving; providing childcare to ensure that all
>    members can
>    attend; breaking down into small group discussions so that ALL voices
>    can be
>    heard. Those of us who have to attend "regular meetings" can barely
>    stand the
>    inefficiancy,and many of our members are teaching their organizations
>    how to
>    use this method. After all, if we really do intend to live in a more
>    peaceful
>    world, we shall have to attend more meetings!!! So it behooves us to
>    master
>    these skills... 
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