Re: demographics - kids, olders
From: LNRivers (
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 1996 11:43:51 -0600
Claudia Weisburd wrote:
> Apropos of the questions re: kids - has anyone done and reported a demographic
> survey of co-housers?  If so, could you tell me where to find it?  If not, I'd
> like to start a mini-one.  If anyone would be willing to answer a few 
> questions,
> I'd be grateful - and I think it would be useful for us all to have some stats
> on who is moving into co-housing.
> How big is your group?
> How many households have kids (under 18)?
> How many households have one or more people over 55?
> How many households are made up of 'retired' people over 55?
> How many households are single women?
> How many households are single men?
> If you're willing to continue with more detail:
> How many households have kids 0 - 12 years old?
> How many households have kids 13 - 18?
> The five oldest members of your group are what age?  Male or female?  In what
> household configuration (single, couple, with children)?
> And here's an essay question:
> Do you think that co-housing is more attractive to women than to men?  What 
> was
> the mix of male/female in your founding group?  Were men or women most active,
> or was it fairly balanced?  (I am involved with EcoVillage in Ithaca, where
> women were the founders, and single women outnumber single men)
> If all this info is someplace else, I apologize for taking your time.
> Thanks.
> Claudia

If you find such information I am also interested.  Claudia what are you 
going to do with these stats, I am here in Chicago putting together a 
CDC led project and I intend to use this kind of information to convince 
bankers and government types of the applicablity of this kind of housing 
 strategy for a mix income urban redevelopment project.  If it is not 
asking to much I would also be interested in the population of newly (1 
to 5 yrs) married couples or 1st time home buyers within the cohousing 

Thanks for the assistance...


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