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Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:37:12 -0600
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>How big is your group? 44 adults, 26 households
>How many households have kids (under 18)? 12
>How many households have one or more people over 55? 3
>How many households are made up of 'retired' people over
55?semi-retired-1,retired -2
>How many households are single women? 6 without kids, 5 more if you include
single moms
>How many households are single men? 1
>If you're willing to continue with more detail:
>How many households have kids 0 - 12 years old? 11
>How many households have kids 13 - 18? 6
>The five oldest members of your group are what age? 73, 72, 55
 Male or female?  Female
  In what household configuration? 2 single, one with a roomate

>And here's an essay question:
>Do you think that co-housing is more attractive to women than to men?  What
>was the mix of male/female in your founding group?  Were men or women most
>active, or was it fairly balanced?  (I am involved with EcoVillage in
Ithaca, where
>women were the founders, and single women outnumber single men)
   Yes, we have more women than men, and always have. We have 1 lesbian
couple, and many single moms. Fairly balanced in activity, because although
there are more women, they often don't have as much time due to kids.
  1st time homebuyers - 12 or more. 
  Newly married less than 5 years - one couple met in cohusing  and live
together but aren't married (so they had been together less than 5 years when
they moved in), and the lesbian couple were together 2 years when they moved
Mela Silva
Southside Park
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