RE: private responses vs sending to the whole list
From: Chris Robertson (
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 18:33:31 -0600

Thanks for the message about reading before sending, and directing it 
to the person rather than the whole list.

I have been reading the list for about four months, and have been 
impressed (mostly) with the quality of interaction.  It has gotten a 
bit wierd, though, at times, and I think your post may help that.

Also, I think I did this right, so it will only go to you.  If it ends 
up on the list, I'll take my lashes with a few wet noodles I guess.


Chris Robertson
Cascadia Commons (a coho wannabe)
Portland, OR
t 503-287-5477
f 282-6433
net crobertson [at]

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