Interacting with Compassion
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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:05:52 -0600
> Oh, I remember're Mr. megabucks with all the toys.  I hope
> you  find more of your kind in the Bay Area...that's why I moved away.
> Enthusiastically,
> Loretta
>       Grow up
>Cindy Hale,
>Duluth, Minnesota
I have a problem with the above messages not because they're personal in
nature, but because they're divisive.  Isn't cohousing all about bringing
people together in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation?  Statements like
these only widen the chasm, they don't build the bridges that we need to
bring people together.  So let's try to interact in a spirit of compassion so
the trust and cooperation can find a safe place to take root.
Below is an excerpt from "The Key" which I think is relevant.  The book is
put out by "A Center for the Practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation" of Mountian
View, CA.

Our relationship with others is based on liking and disliking.
We keep looking for the things we don't like about everything.

How it's diffferent from me.
How it's "other".
How we're separate.

"Oh, I'm not like that."  "I would never do that."  "I don't know how people
can be like that!"

The obvious conclusion of my judgments is that, of course, my way is better.
I am different, better, superior.

And that separation causes our suffering.

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  "Circumstances are the rulers of the weak;
          they are but the instruments of the wise."
                        - Samuel Lover

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