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Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 11:11:13 -0600
Like many other groups, our membership is self selecting.  We feel, however,
that it essential for prospective members to fully consider their decision to
live in cohousing since it's such a major lifestyle change (maybe like
getting married).  To help people in their decision process and to give us
assurance that they've given careful consideration, we're planning to require
prospective members to do some preparation.

I've copied below our proposed Membership Application and Associate Member
Questionnaire.  I'd love to get your feedback on them and I also thought that
they might be beneficial to other groups at our stage of development.  Have
any of your groups used anything similar to these?

I was also wondering what kinds of difficulties or problems do new cohousing
residents encounter that aren't usually anticipated?  We're not trying to
discourage prospective members, but we want everyone to go in with their eyes
open to the extent possible.

 *-*-* Membership Application *-*-*

The Membership Application is intended to ensure that you have fully studied
and considered the prospect of living in San Juan Cohousing.  The application
is in no way intended to be a screening test for membership (with the
possible exception of the financial pre-qualification).  We feel that if
people fully understand and consider what it is they are getting into, they
are the ones best qualified to determine if they will be good members of the
community and if the community will be good for them.

This form serves as a checklist which you fill in as you complete the various
requirements.  One Membership Application is completed per household and then
submitted to the Membership Committee.  The Membership Application must be
completed and reviewed before you will be considered a Member.

1)  Each adult in the household must attend 3 SJC functions (social or
2)  Each adult in the household must have served on a committee for at least
one month.

1)  Each adult in the household must have read the COHOUSING book.
2)  Each adult in the household must have read the SJC Book of Agreements.
3)  Household must complete the Associate Member Questionnaire. 
4)  All of the adults in the household must meet with the Membership
Committee to discuss membership.

1)  Household must receive financial pre-qualification from a Durango lending
institution for a mortgage of at least $125,000.  If you intend to build your
home yourself, you must qualify for at least $90,000 and the lender must
approve you to receive a construction loan.

2)  Household must invest $6000 in the San Juan Development Corporation.  The
invested money is at risk, but will be credited against your eventual lot
purchase.  Read the SJC Development Corporation Investment Information for
full details.

1)  Each adult in the household must read the following declaration and sign

I have thoroughly familiarized myself with the San Juan Cohousing Book of
Agreements.  I understand that in the future it may be appropriate to modify
some of the Agreements, by at this time I fully endorse them and agree to
abide by them.

1)  Each household is required within one month of becoming a Member to
prepare a page for the SJC Photo Album.  Proforma sheets are available from
the Membership Committee or youre welcome to improvise.

*-*-* Associate Member Questionnaire *-*-*

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you discover and consider some
issues relevant to living in community.  By having a better understanding of
these issues, you will hopefully be better able to decide if living in San
Juan Cohousing is right for you and youll be better prepared to live in
community.  Since membership is completely self selecting, the answers you
give will have no bearing on your being invited to become a member.  Its your

The questionnaire will be used as a basis for your discussion with the
Membership Committee so submit it to the committee early enough for them to
review it before your meeting.  It will also be a way for other Members to
get to know you better.

This questionnaire can be completed collaboratively as a household, completed
by each member of the household, or some combination thereof.  Please use
extra paper if you need it for your responses.

1)  What experiences have you had in community settings?
2)  How were those experiences for you?
3)  What are your fears or concerns about living in SJC?
4)  What are you most looking forward to about SJC? What do you want to get
out of living there?
5)  What do you have to offer SJC?        

    Mac Thomson                         San Juan Cohousing
    Mac [at]           Durango, Colorado

  "Circumstances are the rulers of the weak;
          they are but the instruments of the wise."
                        - Samuel Lover

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