Re: Membership Application
From: Eric D. Hart (
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 18:16:15 -0600
        I just had a few comments on your membership application.  Seems 
a bit extreme to *require* that people read the Cohousing book.  
Personally I have never read the cohousing book in the three years I have 
been involved and only in the last few months have I owned the book.  By 
no means is the Cohousing book the definitive word on what we should be 
doing.  What I have been doing in Minneapolis is hardly talked about in 
the Cohousing Book and the beauty of this movement is that people adapt 
it to their own situation and needs.  God knows modern architecture has 
its gurus and books that people *have* to read and copy the styles in, 
but look where that has gotten us.  I would say come up with your own two 
or three page description of cohousing and how it will be carried out in 
Durango and *require* that people read that before joining.  Since you 
are the developer I believe, you can articulate the vision for what the 
development is going to be like.  
        Just a very small thing:  under "More Stuff to Do" you talk about 
a photo album that members should contribute to.  You say a "proforma" 
sheet is available to use as an example.  Come on, get your brain out of the 
financial and development mode and use common english!  "A sample page" 
of previous photo pages would be easier to understand.
        The questionnaire looked pretty standard and relatively 
harmless.  I have seen much more detailed surveys than this so I don't 
think people would mind filling it out.  All of the information is good 
to have and helps people get to know one another.  Good luck with the 

Eric Hart
Community Eco-design Network
Minneapolis, MN 

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