RE: private responses vs sending to the whole list
From: Cinda Lester (
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 19:16:12 -0600

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Michael John Omogrosso wrote:

> Housing Cooperative in Eugene.  We are a limited equity, low-income 
> housing coop that survives on gov. subsidies.  Our mod-rehab contract is 
> up this year and we are seeking alternative means to stay afloat.  

I am new to the list, as well, and am a 5th year architecture student at 
the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.  My thesis project centers 
around the need for affordable housing in the downtown Boise area, and I'm 
planning on focusing primarily in the cohousing area.  While I've visted 
one or two cohousing facilites, I am desperately interested in what YOU, 
who actually live in one, have to say about design factors, as well as 
overall planning.  I am going on to grad school for urban planning next 
year, and plan to pursue this extensively then, as well, but any input 
you all could give me now would be absolutely heavenly.

Thank you very much, 


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