Re: Subsidized Housing and Compatibility
From: Michael John Omogrosso (
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 19:30:59 -0600
 Glad to here you're addressing the long standing question, "Now that 
we've pulled ourselves up by the bootstraps, shall we risk our success 
by help others, or just attend to maintaining our status?"

Certainly it is not nearly so simplistic and I do appreciate your 
position. East Blair Housing Coop (EBHC) has gone through many changes in 
trying ways out to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

We have a "black book" which holds our articles and by-laws and history 
and expectations.  Included are clear requirements to participate in work 
parties for maintenance and problem solving. Also we require folks to to 
be an active member in one of our four operations committees with 
specific time commitments.  And we have a grueling interview process, too 
boot.  Even so, some of the best applicants turn out to be Wookie dung, 
and, when our options only allow for a less desirable candidate to be 
chosen, they often prove to be so thankful that they do more than anyone 

EBHC, though, is comprised entirely of folks who haven't a pot to piss 
in--literally.  We are drawn from a Housing Authority list of people who 
are exceptionally under housed or without housing.  I personally hoe you 
decide to offer opportunities to folks with no credit or bad credit or no 
money at all.  You may provide a grand example for less advantaged 
brothers and sisters.  Nevertheless, it makes sense to write the script 
that will cover your backs at the same time.  It is better to scare off 
folks because the don't want that much involvement (work) than to try to 
evict them.

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