From: Collaborative Housing Society (cohosocweb.apc.org)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 21:18:52 -0600
Since there was a recent discussion about Community Supported Agriculture on
this list, I thought there might be people interested in an upcoming
conference to be held in Montreal in September, organized by the American
Community Gardening Association.

They are very interested in CSA, Rooftop gardens, permaculture and other
forms of community-based and supportive (small-scale) agriculture, and are
looking for papers/presentations on a variety of related issues and ideas.
I will send further info. to anyone who asks at:

cohosoc [at] web.apc.org

PLEASE do NOT send your replys back to cohousing-l - I too regret these
occasional lapses in email etiquette!

Russell Mawby
Collaborative Housing Society
cohosoc [at] web.apc.org

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