Re: Including Renters
From: Sherri Zann Rosenthal (
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 09:00:33 -0600
To provide for more income diversity at Eno Commons, in Durham, NC, we're doing
two things: steering people toward city and state affordable housing finance
agancies and trying to encourage the construction of rental spaces that have
some independence.

We're commissioning two standard home plans from our architects, one a 2 BR, the
other a 3 BR. We plan to ask the architects in include an optional room that we
would like to have its own exterior entrance. This room can be added to each
home either at the time of initial construction or later. We hope these rooms
will feel like mini "mother-in-law" units, and provide a bit more autonomy for
renters than a typical roommate situation. 

Our group still needs to talk about whether renters should be members of Eno
Commons individually or as a part of the household in which they rent.
Personally, I favor recognition for renters as full members of the community,
with all the formal rights and responsibilities that may come along with that,
rather than informally finessing their participation. For example, without
formally recognizing renters as members, its a grey area how they participate in
community decision making, even if the reality is that everyone is welcome to
speak up and is listened to.

Practical suggestions from cohousers about incorporating renters in the
community would be great. Thanks, Rob Sandelin, for your comments.

Sherri Zann Rosenthal, Project Manager, Eno Commons CoHousing, Durham, NC--
Where we're headed toward our Commons House Design Weekend Feb. 2-4, and still
very much welcoming new members.

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