Re: RE: Including People With Disabilities?
From: Collaborative Housing Society (
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 09:09:41 -0600
>>>    Do any cohousing communities have experience with including members
>>>    with severe disabilities?

I have just started working with a group near Toronto who's primary interest
in cohousing is to create a supportive community for their family members
who have brain or spinal cord injuries.  They have resisted the usual
segregation of special needs and institutionalization in favour of dealing
with those needs as families and as networks of families.  Now they want to
be neighbours.  I will keep this list posted as the discussion continues -
their first open public meeting will be on Jan. 29.

I also want to strongly voice my support for Brian Sullivan's comments on
ADAPTABLE HOUSING.  There are many terms used to describe this approach, but
the one I like to us is "common sense" - the most uncommon sense of all.

Russell Mawby
Collaborative Housing Society
cohosoc [at]

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