Re: public use of coho facilities & liability
From: Debbie Behrens (
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 12:37:12 -0600
No answers... just more questions...

> From cohousing-l [at] Mon Jan 15 10:40:50 1996
> From: Denise Meier and/or Michael Jacob <dmmj [at]>
> Subject: public use of coho facilities & liability
> Do any of you existing communities allow neighborhood use of 
> your facilities, and how does it impact your insurance costs? 
> Denise Meier
> Sebastopol, California

I don't actually know anything about the insurance cost end of this,
(Rod Champney, can you address this?)
but I've additional questions to think about.

It's not just insurance costs, there may be adaptations 
required to the facility for outside use.

you might want to check into the local/state requirements for 

1       licensed daycare facilities - even if you haven't
        got the kid population to have licensed daycare now,
        you might in the future.  We made our childrens area 
        so that it would meet daycare standards if needed.

2       commercial kitchen - can add substantially to your costs tho,
        but may be necessary if you want to do catering or
        renting the kitchen/dining room out.  They might require
        commercial stove/hood/venting, etc.  We decided not to do 
        a full commercial kitchen, so we can't do commercial renting
        out of the facility.  

3       accessibility for wheelchairs, etc, of course

4       Having guest room (fee paid) in the common house may also 
        affect insurance?  I don't know if we've even checked into
        this, but our guest room is at least 1-2 years away.

5       Exercise room - we're planning on pooling exercise equipment
        into a room in our Common House, don't know if there is any
        insurance impact on stuff like that.  Especially if we allowed
        folks from the surrounding community to use the equipment???

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