Re: cohousing: self-sufficient community
From: Stuart Staniford-Chen (
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 15:01:50 -0600
Jessica Shaten asks:

> But is there anyone else out there interested in this idea of 
> village self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability?  It is not 
> really a co-housing issue per-se (or doesn't need to be), so I don't 

My take is that some people in Cohousing care a lot about these kind of
issues, and others don't care much, or only care in a fairly abstract 
kind of way.  

I think that the kind of thing you are mainly talking about goes under the
rubric "ecovillage" most of the time.  There is an international Ecovillage
Network (this movement has a very international flavour).  You can look
at their web pages at 

(Access is a little slow because it's in Denmark - the pages are in English

You can also look at the Fellowship for Intentional Communities ecovillage
page which is at

I'm aware of four reasonably well-developed groups in the U.S. which consider
themselves to be Ecovillages 

Ecovillage L.A. (,
who are retrofitting an urban L.A. block to be more sustainable.

Ecovillage Ithaca (several members of whom are on this list) which is
more like a cohousing community with a strong orientation to sustainability
issues (they are in the middle of building new houses from scratch).

The Farm (
An older rural intentional community which is more or less in the process
of converting to an Ecovillage and has an "Ecovillage Training Center" which
runs courses.

Manitou ( An institute in Colarado
which seems to do both very spiritual and very eco kind of stuff.

I have no doubt there are many others.  It seems to me in general that there
is considerable variety in who is calling themselves an Ecovillage, and I
get the feeling that there is a certain amount of "They're not really an
ecovillage" feeling amongst some people about other groups.  I usually
take the word as a statement of intent, rather than denoting any actual
state of sustainability.

Hope this information is useful,


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